Season 18 for Diablo 3 is live – This time with a Triune Theme and host of features

Diablo has been one of the most popular and perfect games in the PC game arena. In fact, it was one of those games that brought a new range of hope and enthusiasm in the realm of dungeon-based crawler games.

The game that revolutionised the dungeon crawler games in the past, has now been in the third version. The Diablo 3 was launched back in 2012. One of the rare treats for a game of this nature, it has been receiving updates after update over the last few years. So, the Season 18 Of Diablo 3 Is Now Live and offers you a huge range of improvements and enhancements.

The new season packs in a wide range of new features making it one of the most preferred games in recent times. The unique concept that brings in one of the huge updates would be in the form of the Triune theme used in the entire game. Triune, if you remember, is the cult that worships the false gods who have been masquerading as the benevolent ones. The cult still remains even after the death of the founders long ago.

For the entire duration of the game, you will have access to the Power of the Triune benefits. You will have access to one of the three random buffs – Triune of Love, Triune of Determination, and the Triune of Creation. The benefits would be as follows –

  • Triune of Love – If you are in this circle, you will have access to a 100 per cent damage bonus.
  • Triune of Determination – If you are in this circle, you will be able to save 50 per cent on the resources you spend on as long as you are in the circle.
  • Triune of Creation – If you have any of the skills that have been under cool down mode, you will find them coming out of the cool down mode as long as you are in the circle.

There will also be a huge number of cosmetic enhancements in the days to come. The previous seasonal rewards will also make a come back. A few cosmetic upgrades can be an excellent option to make your character look elegant and effective.

In essence, the Diablo 3 Season 18 is definitely going to be a great option in every right. If you are a Diablo fan, it is high time you will take the wonderful game well ahead. If you are already on Diablo 3, check out the upgrade and enjoy the new features right away!

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