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Hairstyles for long hair – 9 Best stylish long Haircuts

If you have long hair, you are lucky enough. But, it also comes with plenty of confusion – you are not sure of which easy hairstyles you should go with. You have perhaps hit the right place – we will list out the best hairstyles for long hair.

It is not that easy to grow long hair. If you have such hair, you are lucky enough. In fact, there are several issues that tend to go with long hair. In fact, there can be brittleness in the hair can be an issue for some, while it may be looked down upon as a burden by some others. If you belong to that genre of people, long layered haircuts would be an excellent solution. We will discuss long haircut layers later in this tutorial.

Best Hairstyles for long hair – The Toppers List

Long hair and haircuts for long hair are indeed not an easy task to handle enough. We would consider those hairstyles for long hair that are easy, yet look much tricky. In fact, it would make your friends, colleagues, and others have a look at your hairstyle in awe. These options for the long haircut style are best suited for special occasions or even if you are heading for the typical day at work.

#1. Double Buns

Double Buns can be an exciting option for one of the trendy haircuts for long hair. It is one of the easy hairstyles and looks quite cute enough. The hairstyle is also referred to as Spaced Buns.

hairstyles for long hair

The style has been one of the traditional options for the best hairstyles for long hair. While the style is good enough for the longhair haircuts, it should also suit short hair as well. It can even be created at the neck level, if you want a little change in the styling.

The double bun had been one of the most popular in the 90s and continues to rule the roost. It can also double up as the right option to hide your dirty hair if you have any. Cute, unique, and funny, the hairstyle has been a great option for the stylish long haircut options.

#2. Bandana Wrap

A Bandana is also referred to as a kerchief and has been used in multiple variants for styling your hair. In fact, it has been one of the preferred options in hairstyles for long hair.

You can either opt for it in a triangular shape or rectangular one as per your preferences. A few good options would include Bandana Wrap and Bandana Bow. You can even use it as a headband by tying up your hair up. It offers you the same styling as a ribbon, but a bandana offers you a standout look. Use a bandana band to tie a ponytail and leave the rest of the hair free.

#3. Deadlocks

Are you a fan of natural hairstyling? Called locking, it has been considered the popular long haircut style. You would twist your hair and hold it together to arrive at the right hairstyle.

Of course, it would need to be done with a continuous process. You will finally get an appearance where the hair will have the appearance of one significant strand. You would need the assistance of a hairstylist or someone who has the knowledge to get the best results. This style was much popular among the Indian ascetics, where it was referred to as Jata. As you would have already guessed it right, it can also double up as one of the best long haircuts for men.

Best Hairstyles for thin hair – A Select List

If you are a woman with thin hair, you will find it extremely difficult to cope with it. In fact, it is the right cut that should ideally matter, and you should not worry about whether you have short hair or long hair.  A few good stylish long haircuts that can help you get an equal attention along with those with thick and flourishing hair.

#1. Asymmetrical Bob

A straight bob may not be the right option if you have thin, yet long hair. The asymmetrical bob can help you get access to a better look.

It can even help you achieve the best standards in giving a focus to your facial features. You can help boost volume if you opt for the asymmetrical bob. The hairstyle had a massive comeback in 2019 and destined to become the best hairstyles for thin hair in 2020 as well. What makes it even more perfect is it does not need too much of maintenance.

#2. Pixie Cut

Of curse, the Pixie Cut is a popular hairstyling for short hair. But it can also be the right one if you have thin air. In fact, Pixie Cut is all about having the shortest hair possible.

In fact, the pixie cut doubles up as the best option for thin air. It can be perfectly low maintenance options as well. Of course, the long hair is everyone’s dream, but why go with it if you have very thin hair and cannot carry it? We would just suggest you to go with the pixie cut and opt for an excellent haircut ever for thin hair.

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#3. Wrapped Ponytail

This is an excellent option for thin and long hair. There are several long hair cuts, and if you are someone with thin hair, the wrapped ponytail should be one of the excellent options you would want to go with.

Just raise your hair to create a ponytail. Of course, you can opt for the exact option, whether you want it high or low, depending upon your personal preferences. We would suggest opting for a messy ponytail as well if you would want to go with it. This will create an illusion that you have thick hair.

Long Layered haircuts – A few representations

A layered hairstyle will provide more value to your already long hair. In fact, layered hairstyles have been considered to be excellent options for the hairstyles for long hair that are easy enough to follow. It offers you access to an excellent option for long hair and allows you access to flexibility. You can opt for layered long haircuts with bangs or decide to lave them straight.

Here are a few styles that would be practical enough among the long layered hairstyles.

#1. Multi-layered Mix

Long hair is a little difficult to handle and can cause impediments to movement. The multi-layered mix can be an excellent option from that perspective. In fact, that is exactly what any woman with long hair would want to check out.

Shorter layers are used for the frame of your face. Make sure that the rest of the layers are mid-length. You can be assured of an added dimension to the texture of your hair. Your long multi layered hair will have a bouncy and thick look. In fact, this should be one of the easy hairstyles you would want to go with.

#2. Champagne layers

This hairstyle employs the layered hairstyling with the curls at the end. This can also double up as one of the perfect options among the hairstyles for curly hair.

It can help you make your jawlines appear softer enough. The champagne layers hairstyle can be the right choice for those of you who have a square or diamond-shaped face. It can also help you make your face look thinner and let your hair look fuller.

#3. Wavy Layers

This is yet another excellent long layered hairstyles and works well enough for achieving the right standards in your hair styling. It can be the right option to make your hair look textured and full of volume.

Long hair can be quite heavy and lifeless in many cases. Wavy layers can be a great option to give a natural look to the long locks. You can opt for multiple options like beach waves or other similar options to achieve the right standards.

Well, those were a few excellent options that can be helpful enough in achieving the high-quality looks to your long hair. In fact, long hair does offer you endless opportunities to style it. However, we thought of sharing a few styles that you can achieve by yourself rather than depending upon the hairstylists.

Yes, we have also covered a couple of short hairstyles as well, if you want to give it a try. You may also check them out, but it may be worthwhile to give it a thought only if you have any severe issues with your long hair.


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