The Best Way to Choose Condolence Flowers

Flowers are meant for every occasion, and that should hold good for the funeral or condolence as well. But, when compared to other occasions, the sympathy flowers would need a deliberate attention and careful choice.

Flowers have long been used for the expression of love, and the loss of a loved one can be a really difficult time in anyone’s life. Along with the flowers themselves, the sympathy message for flowers would be yet another important aspect that you would want to think over. Some of the best flowers that can perfectly suit the condolence occasions would be Lily, White StargazerLilies, Carnation (white, red or pink), , Gladioli and Chrysanthemums. Rose and orchids are also used as a good option for the sympathy flowers. You can check this blog for more information and a better understanding.

Whether you would really need to send the sympathy flowers to someone will have a lot to do with the relationship you share with either the deceased or the family of the deceased. If you are not very well aware of the person, or if he /she is just an acquaintance, it would be a good option to send just a card instead of the sympathy flowers. If you send flowers along, make sure of the sympathy messages for flowers. Some regions  – either religious or ethnic – would need you to send the sympathy flowers as part of the custom.

You can either send the flowers as soon as you hear about the demise or plan to send them a week later after the grief has calmed down to a slighter extent. Plan your condolence flowers according to what you think is right at the moment. There cannot be a one size fits all  option and you would need to be careful enough based on the individual occasions.

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