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Completely addicted to your smartphone? Use these tips to beat your smartphone addiction

How long can you stay away from your smartphone? A week, a day or at least a few hours? Well, you are already growing guilty contemplating on those thoughts. You tend to reach out to your phone for practically everything, or even for no reason as such? You are probably addicted and perhaps need to break free from your smartphone addiction.

smartphone addiction

Why is freeing yourself important from Smartphone addiction?

Well, there are several reasons there. According to this report, the smartphone addiction affects more than 40 per cent of the population. It involves what experts and psychiatrists refer to as Nomophobia – the fear of being without a smartphone. The symptoms of smartphone addiction involve checking your smartphone no matter what you are doing – walking, sleeping, eating, reading or even romancing!

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But you are here – reading this post. That in itself should indeed mean you recognize that you have an issue. Now that you agree that you suffer from smartphone addiction, you would understand how to beat it. Dealing with smartphone addiction would not be as easy as it would appear, but the tips here should ideally help with smartphone addiction and assist you in how to overcome smartphone addiction.

How to break smartphone addiction – Check out these tips

Well, to begin with – does smartphone addiction really exist? Well, yes. It is the real thing, and you would indeed find it real. The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction clearly mentions that a huge percentage of people either have a compulsive smartphone addiction or are found to be overusing the mobile.

More than 9.1 million British men are stated to be addicted to the internet and the smartphone is one of the major causes here. It may not be a huge concern under standard conditions. But, if it gets beyond a certain stage, and affects your daily life, or that of others related to you, then it would be a problem. It isn’t too late and it should be the right time to take action against the addiction. You just need to create a few rules and abide by them. So simple and easy.

Here are a few tips that can help you beat smartphone addiction –

Avoid Keeping your phone near your bed

Using the phone when you are about to go to sleep would not be the right option. studies have clearly indicated that it can disturb your sleeping pattern. In fact, the Blue Light can be one of the major reasons affecting your sleep hormones.

Make your bed a phone-free zone, to begin with. If you are able to cope with it just for a couple of days, you are sure you have already achieved the task. You can be sure of kicking the habit right away.

Avoid using the phone as an alarm

If you are really looking to beat the smartphone addiction, you would need to avoid the dependence on it. If you are using it to wake you up in the morning, consider opting for a $ 10 alarm instead of the smartphone. If you already have the smartphone addiction, the alarm itself would be a temptation to begin using it the first thing in the morning right after waking up!

Make your Dining Table Phone-free

You might have a grandma or even a mother who does not like you bringing your smartphone to the dining table. That way you would also be able to have some practical and useful communication with the family members for at least an hour or so. Won’t it be an exciting bonding experience ever?

How about a day per week without phones?

Make sure you have a day away from the phone at least once a week. Go into the wild, or do whatever that pleases you – without the phone! Leave your phone at home and move around without it. Use Maps instead of GPS or other similar services.

Go Slow with your deaddiction

A smartphone addiction is what you want to get rid of, not a regular smartphone usage. We do not want to you to go back to the age of landlines before the smartphones came into the being. Go slow with your mission of getting rid of smartphone addiction. In addition, you would also run the risk of a quicker relapse if you tend to go faster with it.

Phubbing or Phone Snubbing can get really a curse for your relationships. It can create a relationship dissatisfaction. It can further create a relationship distance and thus can be a huge issue between the romancing couples.

Well, those were a few exciting options that should assist you in avoiding the smartphone addiction disorder. It can be a wiser decision  to opt for the right reasons for smartphone addiction and make proper options to handle the issues.



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